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Proximity to sneaker sites

Your location can either make or break your sneaker copping deal. If you’re physically located far from sneaker sites, chances are those sneakers will sell out before your request reaches the sneaker sites servers. Such a request can take up to 500 ms, and on release day, that’s a lot, HypeBeast Servers can actually take that request time down to 1 millisecond. These shoe servers are optimally located closer to sneaker sites to help you cop as if you’re living right next door.

Release optimized resources

When trying to cop a hyped release, every second counts and can either get your sneaker or an L. and a major factor that impacts your copping power is the device you’re using. Are you using a high-speed supercomputer? You’re most certainly not. So why not try our HypeBeast Servers, and enjoy a lag free, smooth, and successful copping experience.

High-speed internet connection

A slow and laggy internet connection can be the main obstacle holding you from copping any hyped item you desire. Most sneaker sites serve first whoever comes first. Since this is not attainable in normal cases, a sneaker server can come in handy. By using HypeBeast Servers, you’re making use of their resources, power and internet connection. So regardless of how laggy your connection is, our sneaker server’s connection will help you through any release.

Better Chances to Cop

Using sneaker servers, you’ll have an increased chance at copping limited sneakers upon every release. Forget about using your trusted laptop on these releases. No device can give you the quality connection to sneaker-site servers that HypeBeast Servers can. That’s because they are specifically made for copping hype items.

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