How Do Sneaker Bots Work?

A sneaker bot is an application, or an automated script, which is used to speed up the checkout process when buying products online.

Sneaker bots ease the purchasing process of extremely limited items; in some cases these products make their way to the aftermarket where they are sold for profit. Many of these items are practically impossible to buy without using bots, given that others are simultaneously “botting” the same items, so they sell out very fast.

But how do sneaker bots actually work? You enter your information into the bot (like your credit card information, full name, address, etc.) and then instruct the bot what to buy, this can be done in multiple ways, but the most common is to enter a URL link or keywords into the bot. Finally, it will automate the checkout process and purchase items quicker than is humanly possible. Using sneaker bots it’s not as simple as it looks; usually you need proxies and a server alongside the bot and although using bots doesn´t guarantee success, it does increase your chances to cop limited edition kicks.

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