Sneaker Bots

AIO Bots

AOI (All in One) bots just as the name implies are compatible with multiple shoe websites. You can cop from websites like Footsite and Shopify.

Adidas Bots

Adidas bots are used to purchase limited-edition Adidas sneakers and Yeezy sneakers. Both sites have the same type of release; the raffle system. And so when buyers bid, they are kept in a queue and then the website selects winners randomly.

Footsites Bots

Footsites comprises Footlocker, Footaction, ChampsSports, and EastBay. You can cop sneakers from Footsites using most AIO bots.

Nike Bots

The Nike website also uses the raffle system of sneaker release, and it’s a difficult website to cop sneakers from. Nike bots are meant for the Nike website only.

Shopify Bots

Shopify isn’t as easy as it used to be in the past when it comes to botting. They now have strict measures to detect and block out bots. You can cop on Shopify with AIO bots, Prism, NikeShoeBot, or CyberAIO.

Supreme Bots

Supreme websites sneaker releases are a first come first serve type. Supreme bots are for copping supreme websites only and are more efficient than AOI bots. But if you also have an interest in other brands, then AIO bots are a great alternative.

Free Sneaker Bots

Free sneaker bots don’t provide you with the security and efficiency that paid sneaker bots give. The sneaker bot owners would have to generate revenue one way or another, and they could do so by selling your details. To reap the full benefits of using a sneaker bot, go for paid ones.

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